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Nafiz Zaman Shuva, Ph.D.

Instructor, Faculty of Information and Media Studies,
The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada






London, ON, Canada

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Hello! I'm Nafiz Shuva


I am an instructor at The University of Western University. I hold two Masters in Library and Information Science—one from the University of Dhaka and other from the three European universities in Norway, Estonia, and Italy (Erasmus Mundus program). My doctoral study explores the transitional information behaviour of immigrants in Canada and the role of information in their Canadian lives, looking in particular at the information behaviour that occurs between
pre-arrival and after arrival information needs and seeking related to settlement into Canada. I am the founder president of the Bangladesh Association of Young Researchers (BAYR) and one of the ASIS&T (SIG-III) international paper contest winners of 2004. My research revolves around information behaviour, the role of information in society, digital inclusion, public libraries, open access, and diverse areas of social justice and equity.

January 2018-

Western University, London, Canada

Faculty of Information and Media Studies

January 2012-August 2014

Assistant Professor

University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Department of Information Science & Library Management

November 2008-January 2012


University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Department of Information Science & Library Management


Ph.D (Defense April 9, 2020)

Western University, London, ON, Canada 
Faculty of Information and Media Studies
Major: Library and Information Science
PhD dissertation title: Information, Employment, and Settlement of Immigrants: Exploring the Role of Information Behaviour in the Settlement of Bangladesh Immigrants in Canada


Master's Degree

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway; Tallinn University, Estonia; Parma University, Italy
Major: Library and Information Science


Master's Degree

University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Department of Information Science & Library Management
Major: Library and Information Science


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 “Digital Libraries for Digital Nation” held on October 17-18, 2012 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC), Dhaka, Bangladesh. [invited keynote; International]

“Promoting use of e-resources in Bangladesh: A developing country perspective” at Electronic Resources and Libraries conference-2010 held on February 1st-3rd, 2010 in Austin, Texas, USA.


“Enhancing library access through the use of mobile technology: case study of information services provided by six mobile companies in Bangladesh” at the m-libraries Conference-2009 held on June 23rd-24th at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.


Poster Presentation (Peer-reviewed)


"Immigrants and public library usage in Canada: A case study of Bangladeshi immigrants" at the OLA Super Conference 2018 (held in Toronto from January 31st to February 3rd, 2018). Available at 


“The everyday life information behaviour of immigrants: A case of Bangladeshi women” at the Diversity by Design Symposium ( held on September 13-14, 2017 at the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Toronto.


“Settlement information needs and services: A pilot study with Bangladeshi immigrant women in Canada” at the Western Research Forum, March 10, 2017.


"Everyday life information behaviour of Bangladeshi immigrant women in Canada" at the Information Seeking in Context (ISIC)-2016 Conference, Zadar, Croatia from September 20-23, 2016. (also invited to participate in the pre-conference doctoral seminar)


“Building and Managing SAARC Digital Repository: A South Asian Regional Perspective” at BOBCATSSS, January 31, 2011, Szombathely, Hungary. 

“Bridging Digital Divide: Case Study of Bangladesh” at BOBCATSSS, January 25, 2010, Parma University, Italy.

  1. Quantitative data analysis (SPSS) 

  2. Qualitative data analysis (NVivo 12)

  3. Online survey design (Qualtrics, Survey Monkey)

  4. Basic web design 

  5. Digital library management (Greenstone Digital Library Software)

  6. Presentation skills

  7. Leadership skills