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Throughout my Ph.D., journey many people have helped me in various capacity. I can write an entire thesis describing various help I received from many people in Canada and abroad. In this list, I attempt to add the names of some of the people I met or had contact with who, in different ways, tried their best to help me with my doctoral study or other aspects of my journey from 2014-2020. This is not a complete list. I will continue to update this list. I must acknowledge the support I received from the Bangladeshi community people who wholeheartedly helped me by filling out the surveys. I do not know who they were and won't be able to identify them. Therefore, I am not in a position to thank them in-person or list their names here. They are the people who will always stay in my heart. Names are listed alphabetically without any identifying information.

Abdur Rahim

Alica Kolaric

Ashraful Arefin

Asif Iqbal

Bahauddin Saad Ahmed

Bård Støre

Barsha Taslima Banu
Chiara Consonni

Dewan Azad Kazi Habib

Dilruba Zahan

Elsa Ngan

Fahad Abdul Quader

Fahmida Khan

Faizus Salehin

Farooq Ahmed

Fatima Khan Basu

Golam Shaharior Islam

Haris Mazumder

Iftekhar Ahmed

Irene Gotz

Ishrat Sultana

Israt Ahmed

Jaman Faria Sahely

Jamie Johnston

Jennifer Dallner 
Laila Sultana

Maksudar Rahman

Mashiur Rahman

Md Siddiqur Rahman

Md Tareq Bin Satter

Md Yahia Hussain

Md. Afsar Ali

Md. Anwarul Kabir Choudhury

Md. Golam Hosna Majib

Md. Kamruzzaman

Md. Khaled Hossain

Md. Moniruzzaman
Md. Ashif Adnan
Michael Tamasi

Mili Ghosh

Mohammad Musfiqur Rahman

Mohammad Rashed

Mohammad Sohel

Mohammed Rafiquzzaman

Mohammed Rashed Islam

Mosammat Farhana

Mosfeq Haque Rafika

Motarab Hossain

Mudabbir Hossain Tonu

Muhammad Rakibuz-Zaman

Patience Agabirwe

Pranab Chandra Roy

Robita Ahmed

Rokshana Perveen

Sadia Yasmin

Saiful Islam

Shabnam Mustary

Shahedur Rahman Chowdhury

Shahnaj Begum

Shakhawat Hossain

Shariful Islam

Shumona Mondal

Syeda Joynab Ferddowssy

Tania Chowdhury Labony

Tasnuva Bashar

Tazin Barna

Zaheda Akther